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Upcoming events

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A Journey of Generosity (a “JOG”) is a small group conversation, retreat, discipleship group, time of prayer and Bible study on a topic most people do not ever want to discuss – money. But there is never any solicitation or pitch for any money or donation. To learn more, see Why Attend a JOG? A JOG is both a celebration of the joy of generosity and an encouragement to join with God in His kingdom work.

There is no solicitation or “ask” at any JOG, WDW or Embark.

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Women Doing Well (WDW) is an experience for women. A WDW gathering provides powerful experiences that invite women to effect transformation in their lives through knowing their Purpose, Passion and Plan for living and giving in God’s image.

There is no solicitation or “ask” at any JOG, WDW or Embark.

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Embark is the next step after a JOG. It isn’t enough to just understand or even to grasp the enormous scope of God’s generosity, we should reflect it through our daily lives. We are made in His image (Genesis 1:27), and we are to imitate God (Ephesians 5:1 NASB). Therefore, we are to live out His generosity with our lives. An Embark helps us start that Journey with more inspiration, encouragement, and specific ideas.

There is no solicitation or “ask” at any JOG, WDW or Embark.

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Upcoming Virtual JOGS:

8/7 @ 9 am

8/20 @ 9 am

9/8 @ 9 am

9/11 @ 930 am

9/18 @ 830 am

10/9 @ 9 am

10/16 @ 930 am

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In-person events have been postponed due to the corona-virus pandemic.

Please know that our personal journeys of generosity will continue despite the pandemic. We have been blessed by God and will share that blessing. But out of respect and honor to our government, and in the interests of the health and well-being of all we serve, our events will be postponed for the duration of the pandemic.

May God bless you and yours through this time of trial.

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There are more being scheduled all the time, so if you have an interest, or if you would like to host, please let us know

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