The Generous City Initiative Tampa Bay Region Team

Privacy Policy

The Generous City Initiative Tampa Bay Region Team maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of its participants in events.  In furtherance of our commitment to honor your rights, the Generous City Initiative Tampa Bay Region Team has developed this Privacy Policy to guide our volunteers and staff on how they may and may not use personal information.  This policy may be updated from time to time. 

What information we collect

We collect and use various personal information from participants in events such as Journeys of Generosity, Embarks and Women Doing Well that includes name, address, telephone numbers, and email address.  

How we use that information

We will never publish, sell, trade, rent or share your name (unless released by you for publication), email or mail addresses, or telephone numbers.  We will use, and by donating you grant us permission to use, your contact information (email, telephone number and address) for these four (4) purposes only: 

  1. Thanking you for your participation, informing you about our upcoming activities via newsletters, or for such internal analysis and necessary record keeping; and 
  2. Contacting you about changes to this policy. 

Properly anonymized information is used for promotional activities. We may allow you the option to have your name publicly associated with your past participation unless you explicitly choose to be “anonymous” and explicitly and in writing advise us of that.  In all other cases, the default position for our team members is to assume all information is not to be publicly announced. Comments given in forms may be published in public lists on our website or in social media postings and may be used in promotional materials while comments sent to us via mail, email, fax or telephone are kept strictly confidential. 

Contact us

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or if you wish to be removed from our email/postal contact lists, then please email or write to John Campbell, Inc. P.O. Box 1757, Lutz, FL 33548.